Sabah Handmade Chocolate

Sabah Handmade Chocolate


Established in 1995, Simply Chocolate prides itself as one of the very first specialty handmade chocolate makers in Malaysia. Chocolate are produced individually to the highest standard and exquisite flavour.

Choc Poly Box
Dark Chocolate
Durian Choc Box
Durian Chocolate
Mango & Banana
Mango Chocolate
Mix Nuts Choc Box
Orang Utan Box
Sabah Tea Delight Box
Sri Mengasih Box
Tenom Coffee Delight
Tropical Fruit Box
Virgin Coconut Truffle Chocolate

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Choc Poly Box, Dark Chocolate, Durian Choc Box, Durian Chocolate, Mango & Banana, Mango Chocolate, Mangosteen, Mix Nuts Choc Box, Orang Utan Box, Sabah Tea Delight Box, Sri Mengasih Box, Tenom Coffee Delight, Tropical Fruit Box, Virgin Coconut Truffle Chocolate

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